Buried in credit card debt?

Wipe out credit card debt and other unsecured debts. What Bankruptcy can do.
Bankruptcy is very good at wiping out credit card debt. Unless you have a special "secured" credit card, your credit card balance is an unsecured debt -- that is, the creditor does not have a lien on any of your property and cannot repossess any items if you fail to pay the debt. This is precisely the kind of debt that bankruptcy is designed to eliminate. Besides credit card debt, you may have other unsecured debts, and bankruptcy can wipe these out as well. To learn more about which debts are wiped out in bankruptcy...

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Threatened foreclosure?

Keeping you in your home. What you need to know about foreclosure defense.
Bankruptcy can be used as a tool in foreclosure defense. The mortgage foreclosure process is being used by mortgage lenders against homeowners that are unable to keep up with high mortgage payments in this economical environment when homeowners find their home’s value is less than the mortgage payment, and also less than what homeowners can sell the property for to a buyer. Homeowners are learning it's to their advantage to hire a bankruptcy/foreclosure defense attorney or law firm against the...

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