Bankruptcy in Lansing Michigan


Chapter 7

Barrett Law, PLLC provides legal options for debt relief to Michigan clients. Serving the Holt and Lansing metropolitan area, our law firm identifies real solutions for financially stressed individuals of all income levels when they face overwhelming debt.

Our attorney, Dennis Barrett, recognizes that people who may have never expected to need debt relief are now in economic circumstances that require bankruptcy protection. We are committed to easing our clients' financial concerns by identifying the appropriate course of legal action and navigating the bankruptcy process to reach the best outcome.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows debtors a fresh start. Clients who qualify for Chapter 7 debt relief may discharge nearly all debts. Chapter 7 protection will halt harassment from creditors so that our clients may regain their peace of mind and begin to re-establish their credit history. Barrett Law, PLLC also provides the legal representation Chapter 7 bankruptcy debtors require to identify all of their property that is exempt from the discharge process, so that they can keep their homes and personal property.

As an attorney with past experience in lending and collections, Dennis Barrett offers his clients bankruptcy representation with insight into the perspective and practices of creditors. Additionally, Mr. Barrett is focused on providing personalized counsel to assure his clients that they will always deal directly with their lawyer. In addition to guiding our clients through the bankruptcy process, we are available to provide advice on financial rebuilding after discharge. We offer our clients free initial consultations and the ability to structure a payment plan for their legal fees.

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Lansing and Mid-Michigan area residents contemplating bankruptcy can contact the Michigan office of Barrett Law, PLLC for a free initial consultation at 517-694-7920.