Chapter 13

Located in Holt, Michigan, Barrett Law, PLLC provides seasoned counsel to Lansing area individuals seeking to reorganize unmanageable debt through Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Our firm assists debtors of all income levels who are overwhelmed by financial stress. Whether homeowners facing foreclosure or individuals experiencing garnishment to satisfy a judgment, Dennis Barrett is dedicated to helping his clients manage their obligations and take their lives back from creditors. With 40 years of experience, Barrett Law, PLLC offers honest assessments of our clients' financial circumstances, knowledgeable advice on the best course of bankruptcy action and when to take action for debt relief.

Chapter 13 reorganizes debt and creates a manageable payment plan. Under Chapter 13 reorganization, debtors can pay their personal expenses and make progress on debts with reasonable installments. Chapter 13 bankruptcy relief is often a good option for homeowners who want to preserve their property, allowing them to catch up on overdue mortgage payments and possibly obtain the discharge of an unsecured second mortgage.

Barrett Law, PLLC is committed to assisting clients in preserving their property and moving on with their lives, in their own homes, by addressing unmanageable debt through Chapter 13 bankruptcy. As an attorney with a lending and collections background, Dennis Barrett benefits his clients with knowledgeable analyses of their income and expenses to devise an appropriate Chapter 13 plan and determine acceptable payments to creditors. Additionally, Mr. Barrett serves his clients best interests after the bankruptcy process, providing his clients with advice on rebuilding their financial future.

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